Growing responsibly


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Letter from our Chairman and CEO

To be successful, we must provide safe and reliable service to our millions of customers in North and South America while continuing to grow our business in a sustainable way.
Debra L. Reed, Chairman and CEO, Sempra Energy®

Minimizing water use

Energy and water are connected. Energy is used to pump water to where it is needed. And water helps cool power plants that produce energy. Reliable access to clean water is an area of increasing conce... Read more

Building a strong supply chain

Sempra Energy’s businesses procure the majority of the energy they deliver to customers from suppliers. Suppliers also provide the goods and services needed to build, manage and maintain energy infr... Read more

Addressing climate change

Sempra Energy’s businesses may impact the environment directly or indirectly. They operate natural gas-fired power plants and LNG facilities, natural gas pipelines, and electric transmission and dis... Read more


Working for fair rates

Most energy utilities operate as regulated businesses: public agencies (such as the California Public Utilities Commission) make the rules that determine how they procure, provide and price the power ... Read more

Improving energy reliability

Our utility businesses work hard to provide consistent and uninterrupted electricity and natural gas service to their customers. When service interruptions do occur, they identify the location or sour... Read more

Ensuring system safety

At Sempra Energy, our top priority is safety. Nothing is more important to us than keeping our employees and customers safe. Business-unit operations, as well as infrastructure that we operate with ou... Read more


Complying with regulations

At Sempra Energy, we work to maintain the highest standards of business conduct. We expect our board directors, officers, employees and suppliers to comply with all laws, rules, policies and regulatio... Read more

Protecting employee safety

At Sempra Energy, we work to support a safety-focused culture in which each individual feels personally responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of their co-workers. Safety tailgates are... Read more

Behaving ethically

At Sempra Energy, we expect our leaders, employees and suppliers to behave ethically every day. We act ethically, because it is the right thing to do, but also because of the broader business benefit... Read more

Planning for the future

Innovation is essential to our company; we must think creatively to address new challenges and opportunities. Domestic natural gas is becoming more affordable and available. Emissions regulations and ... Read more

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