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Sempra Energy’s annual corporate responsibility report focuses on the issues that are most material (important) to the company and its stakeholders. Our first materiality assessment was completed in 2012, with results published in our 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report.

In 2014, the Sempra Energy corporate responsibility team conducted a new materiality assessment. This assessment used an “issues ranking” survey: Respondents were asked to rate 27 affirmative phrases, such as “How important is it that Sempra Energy or its affiliated companies foster a culture of employee safety?” or “How important is it that Sempra Energy or its affiliated companies control or limit air emissions?”

The survey gathered responses from more than 400 individuals, equally divided among three important stakeholder groups: employees, customers and other external stakeholders (investors, policymakers, community leaders and suppliers). The aggregated responses from each stakeholder group were weighted equally in evaluating assessment results.

All three groups almost unanimously agreed the following six issues are most important to the company:

  1. Operate safely to avoid public safety risks;
  2. Act in an ethical manner;
  3. Provide reliable electricity and natural gas services and respond to any service-related issues;
  4. Comply with regulations (e.g., environmental, health and safety regulations);
  5. Charge fair rates while providing customers with ways to use less energy and reduce bills; and
  6. Foster a culture of employee safety.  

The corporate responsibility team identified four additional issues as material based on their significance to the energy industry: “Minimize water use,” “Address climate change and air emissions,” “Plan for the future,” and “Build a strong supply chain.” The results of this materiality assessment were published in our 2014 corporate responsibility report, which includes an interview with a company leader on each material topic.

For this report (2015), we analyzed the data from the 2014 materiality assessment and added another dimension: “Important to the company” is based on the survey responses from company leaders. The results can be found in the matrix below. This report was written with an emphasis on these material topics. We perform a materiality assessment approximately every two years.