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The environment

While we work to reduce our impact, we also realize increasing demand for lower-carbon sources of energy holds
long-term promise and opportunity for our companies.

Climate change

We promote energy efficiency; develop and operate low- and zero-carbon energy infrastructure; and embrace energy innovation. These activities p ... Read more

Aliso Canyon leak

In October 2015, SoCalGas discovered a leak at one of its injection and withdrawal wells at its Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, loca ... Read more


A growing number of stakeholders, including investors, are asking companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. At Sempra Energy, we agre ... Read more


Energy and water are connected. Power plants use significant amounts of water for cooling. And pumping stations require significant amounts of ... Read more

Waste and recycling

At Sempra Energy, we work to reduce our waste, reuse materials and equipment when feasible and expand our recycling programs. ... Read more

Environmental compliance

Every Sempra Energy subsidiary is accountable for following all applicable environmental regulations and laws, and for obtaining required permi ... Read more


At Sempra Energy, we are committed to protecting and preserving biodiversity in the areas where we do business, and have restored or protected ... Read more

Supply chain impacts

Sempra Energy’s largest supply chain impacts are from the natural gas and electricity we procure. ... Read more