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Environmental compliance

Every Sempra Energy subsidiary is accountable for following all applicable environmental regulations and laws, and for obtaining required permits. Environmental compliance programs include detailed plans; extensive training and monitoring; and performance evaluation.

In 2015, our subsidiaries made $64 million in capital expenditures to comply with environmental laws and regulations. This included costs to mitigate or prevent future environmental contamination or extend the life, increase the capacity, or improve the safety or efficiency of property used in current operations.

In 2015, we completed 422 internal compliance assessments. Our facilities were inspected by government inspectors 563 times with 22 notices of violation (NOVs). Seven of the NOVs were procedural; five were related to water discharges; four were related to waste; two were for creating a public nuisance; two were related to gas leaks; one was related to a mechanical failure and one was related to disturbing land. Compliance personnel at our subsidiaries review, respond to, correct, or in some cases challenge the NOVs they receive.

We paid $50,343 in environmental fines and penalties in 2015, including $40,000 for an alleged discharge of air contaminants at the Palomar Energy Center natural gas-fired power plant. 

Environmental compliance

Agency Inspections435395443563
Notices of violation (NOV)11181022
Percentage of agency inspections with no NOV issued97%98%98%96%
Fines and penalties2$18,875$1,734$1,810$50,343
Internal compliance assessments and audits835745422422

1 Self-reported violations are not included.
2 Does not include settlements. The amount of fines and penalties paid varies from year to year depending on the nature of the violation and the timing of its resolution.