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Business partners and suppliers

Sempra Energy and its subsidiaries work to select dependable suppliers and business partners.

Business partners and suppliers are critical to Sempra Energy’s success. We often submit project bids (for the development or operation of energy infrastructure) in collaboration with business partners – they play an important role in managing or implementing different phases of planning, construction or operations. And we depend on suppliers for equipment, parts and services essential to system reliability.

Once a supplier has been selected, supply chain managers in our businesses monitor their performance and work with them to find ways to limit their environmental impact. For a description of how we engage with suppliers, please see the Risk management section. For a description of how we manage the environmental impacts of our suppliers and supply chain, please see the Supply chain impacts section.

At our California utilities, supplier diversity includes working with DBEs. It is important that the companies that provide materials and support to SoCalGas and SDG&E reflect the communities these utilities serve. In 2015, 44.7 percent and 42.7 percent of total spending at SoCalGas and SDG&E, respectively, went to DBEs, far exceeding the targets established by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Contractor safety at SDG&E

In November 2015, SDG&E held its fourth annual contractor safety summit with over 125 contractors attending. The summit covered a range of topics, including gas pipeline safety and reliability; emergency preparedness; the potential impacts of El Niño; fire preparedness; and conserving water resources.

SDG&E continues to work to improve contractor safety. SDG&E employees review the “Safety Notice for Contractors” checklist with contractors prior to the start of construction or major projects. Nearly 200 contractors have been enrolled in the utility’s contractor compliance review process, and undergo periodic audits to ensure their safety compliance.